Surfacing risk and discovering valuation in complex contracts.

Converting highly customized information and transactions into underlying financial risk.

Cross functional team collaboration and team expertise synthesized.

Fast, efficient and high quality data extraction, giving teams the time to focus on analysis instead.

About Us

firstAI harnesses user intelligence to extract information from interpretation intensive documentation. Our product can be used across financial services.



Shaheen Malik

Shaheen Kanda

CEO and Founder

Fixed income Origination Banker from Credit Suisse and Citigroup, with experience executing over 500 fixed income transactions. MS from MIT in Cambridge, MA and a Chemical Engineering degree and MBA from Bombay University
Sinan Gul

Sinan Gul

Executive Director of Research & Development

Sinan is an Executive Director of Research & Development who has a passion for turning intellectual pursuits into practical software solutions. After graduating from Stanford University with an MS in Engineering-Economics Systems and Operations Research, he worked at Nomura Global Markets Research and Citi Fixed Income Research as a software engineer and research analyst specializing in building portfolio analytics tools.
Paul Cucurullo

Paul Cucurullo

Director of Sales

An entrepreneur with experience as a CIO, COO and Director of Sales, Paul has been both a consumer and a vendor of services within the financial community. This gives him a unique perspective of customer requirements and how to develop and deliver product to the market.
Drumil Bakhai

Drumil Bakhai

DevOps Engineer

After completing a bachelor's degree from Mumbai University, Drumil graduated as MS in computer science at NYU. As a student developer in NYU IT, he worked on several projects ranging from developing Automated Build cycles to provisioning server infrastructure on the fly. Drumil is passionate about learning and experimenting with new technologies in the vast field of Web Engineering and DevOps. Apart from reading books, blogs you would often find him hiking, drumming and exploring new music.
Michael Boros

Michael Boros

Senior Engineer

Michael is a software engineer who enjoys tackling tech curveballs. He contributed to various projects from next-generation DNA sequencing to hyperspectral image processing. He is an Oracle Certified Java Programmer and he is passionate about serverless and blockchain technologies.
Siyuan Xiang

Siyuan Xiang

Machine Learning Engineer

Siyuan is a machine learning engineer who dreams big and gets things done. He studied at New York University (MS in Data Science) and Fudan University (BS in Applied Math). With his experience in both academia and industry, he now brings the latest achievements of academic community into fintech.
Kendra France

Kendra France

Project Manager

Kendra is a technical Project Manager specializing in software integration and deployment as well as a world class translator of code into conversation. She practiced and perfected her art while obtaining a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and a Master in International Business. Kendra has led international teams within Walmart and Hewlett Packard and is now translating the languages of finance to code and back.

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